House Rules

The Greasy Ocho House Rules Compendium v1

  1. Dice that roll onto the floor are re-rolled. Always.
  2. The GM performs all perception knowledge and sense motive rolls in secret. PCs may still initiate these rolls by describing their action. See rule 3.
  3. Do not announce the skill check that you are making. Describe the action instead and the DM will tell you the skill to roll.
  4. Resurrection requires a skill check. Various aspects of the characters relationship with the others influence raising fallen comrades. Friends of the fallen that have formed a strong bond can present a token that shows their affection, such as a personal trinket, a kind word, or anything else that would be of a personal nature. This is offered as the ritual is being performed. The action of raising the fallen requires three rolls, with a 2/3 success ratio to bring the character back to life. The roll is a flat roll on a d20 against a DC determined by the spell used. If no one makes an offering then the player of the fallen character makes the roll. However, if a token is presented the player presenting the offer makes the roll instead. Each genuine trinket, kind word, prayer, etc. provides a bond between +1 to +5 depending on the strength of the bond between the fallen and the player presenting the trinket. It is also possible to push the spirit to the light. This occurs when a player who has had a negative relationship with the fallen presents a harsh word, returns a trinket in spite or other hateful thoughts and words towards the fallen. Doing so presents a negative to the roll between -1 to -5 depending on the strength of the hatred between the fallen and the player presenting the trinket.Wish is the only exception to this rule and will always work to resurrect a player.

    1. DCs for resurrection spells

      1. Reincarnation – DC 18
      2. Raise Dead – DC 16
      3. Resurrection – DC 12
      4. True Resurrection DC 10
  5. Out of combat healing is always 100%
  6. Max Hit Die + Con for players and monsters.

House Rules

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