Francois Humagne de Toulon-Villiers

Francois Humagne de Toulon-Villiers was born in a small human settlement in the shadow of a great mountain, Mont Bourgogne. The city-states of the region formed confederations and fought one another constantly. When Francois was 6 years old, his city was attacked and destroyed by its great rival. He hid in the rubble of his family’s estate, where he was found by the dwarves of the Bourbon clan, who lived atop the nearby mountain. He attacked the party of dwarven musketeers who found him, though he could not harm them with the stick he wielded. They were impressed with his élan, and took him in. The experience of his home’s destruction led him to forget his old life and identify with his new family. He soon became convinced that he too was a dwarf, and the Bourbon allowed him to maintain that belief. He hates humans with a passion due to hazy memories of the attack that destroyed his town.

The Bourbon clan are culturally unique due to isolation from other dwarves. They build atop the mountain rather than digging below. They look down, both literally and figuratively, on all outsiders, who they consider uncultured and vulgar. Their dialect of the Dwarf language is known as Dwarfois, and is understandable, though strange-sounding, to other Dwarf speakers. Their nicolas cage is Le Roi Soleil, a sun deity who rewards courage in combat, works of fine art, and general arrogance. Toulon’s chief exports are a unique form of bubbly wine that fetches a high price in foreign markets, and derisive laughter at the primitive cultures that surround them.

Francois stayed with his adopted father, renowned general Marshal Louis Guillaume Bonaparte de Toulon-Villiers, until his early twenties. Though he would not admit it, he never truly felt like he belonged among the Bourbon clan. He set out into the world to make his name, believing that if he became a renowned musketeer and returned home a legend, it might silence the doubts that kept him awake in his cramped, dwarf-size bed that he insisted was perfectly fine.

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Francois Humagne de Toulon-Villiers

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