Born in the forest with 40 spawn brothers to slave parents, AH TOH-DE-MAN was forced to toil through his youth as a leatherworker. Toad people of the TOH-DE-MAN Clan are considered lowborn, peasant class citizens among the swampdwelling Grippli. Kidnapped by Shibo-shiri Kaeru, the shogun of the moderately-sized settlement Ozarka as a teenager, the Shibo-shiri saw potential in AH TOH-DE-MAN because of his desperate situation, and had him trained in the way of the blade in exchange for a more privileged lifestyle.

AH TOH-DE-MAN was arrested for robbery in his youth during the time he spent working for Shibo-shiri. Sent by the Shogun to rob another Shogun’s bank, he was caught, and was punished by branding – scar in the shape of a budweiser tab on lower right neck. During his time spent incarcerated, he embraced religion, but in the end abandoned organized religion because of a disagreement with religious administration.

The Toadman fell in love with another thief working for the shogun, and on the same job AH TOH-DE-MAN was arrested for. AH TOH-DE-MAN seduced the judge to reduce the sentence to 15 years, but the girl resented him for acting on her behalf.

After his time spent in jail AH TOH-DE-MAN relocated to the wilderness to spend some time alone. Meeting the Gathlain Dr. Eggman in the wild, they formed a strong bond and returned to society to hustle Keno together. During this period of time AH TOH-DE-MAN formed a strict ethical code and began training as a masterless samurai. Forever bound by the wandering code, AH TOH-DE-MAN traveled to Irewood with Dr. Eggman to respond to a call for help from the town's government.

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