The last time we joined the Greasy Ocho they were fresh off saving the town of Carrion Hill. After receiving a summons from the ruler of Niswan, they cleansed the Isle of Jalmeray's dense jungles of the evil Cult of the Ebon Destroyers. On their return voyage back to Tamran Gus Polinski, the party's loyal bard, revealed himself as an agent of the sinister Zhentarim and crashed the party's airship into the city of Niswan's market.

After safely surviving the crash, the whereabouts of Gus Polinski unknown, it is now one year after the events in Niswan. Determined to find out more about the shadowy Zhentarim and their mysterious transportation to Golarion at the hands of the purple smoke, The Greasy Ocho embarks on their most thrilling adventure yet.


The Greasy Ocho

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