The Greasy Ocho


Orcish Plains pt. I

We begin with AH TOH-DE-MAN, Dr. Eggman, Homer Jeebus, and Crow Magnum chilling in a tavern in Irewood. Our heroes received a summons from the High Bishop Ectoleus of Irewood. Upon meeting the Bishop in his office the party was tasked with retrieving a series of Orc scalps in exchange for monetary compensation.

Keeping with tradition the party stopped at a local Irewood tavern called Applegate's for a few roadie sodies before leaving the town to source some Orc scalps. After a brief, but aggravating conversation with the barkeep and a local drunk the party set off for the Orcish plains.

Setting a small fire in the wheated plains, Dr. Eggman attracted the attention of a strange creature that resembled a spider with horse-like legs which ambushed the party. After defeating the monster, the party stopped for the night in the clearing they had burned away.

During their rest stop the party was confronted by an Orcish scouting patrol who became suspicious of the party's motivations in the plains. Noting that the party were all non-humans the greater of the two Orcs challenged the party to prove their merit as allies to the Orcs. Crow Magnum suggested he fight the lesser of the two Orcs to which the leader, Skaal, happily obliged. After kicking the shit out of the lesser Orc, Skaal seemed pleased with the party's battle prowess and fearlessness and invited them back to his stronghold in the morning.

Meeting the Orcish Warchief Balragug Mulagug Blalalagug (Barney) the party, sympathetic to the Orcish plight against human incursions, took on the Chief's task of a retaliatory attack against the settlers of Irewood. Engaging in a short, but tense surprise attack against a human patrol the party scalped the human scouts and started to make their way back to the Orcish stronghold.


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