The Greasy Ocho


Orcish Plains pt. II

Returning to the stronghold with their victory scalps, the party arrived to find the stronghold mostly empty. Finding Warchief Barney in his tent the party presented their scalps and were rewarded thusly. Sensing potential in the group, Barney suggested to them a quest of a more sensitive nature than scalp-collection. Explaining that in the highlands above the Dwarven settlement of Corin's Pass there are a series of vaults and banks that are used for the storage of valuable items, Warchief Barney tasked the party with the retrieval of a highly valued artifact stored in one of these vaults.

Directing the party to his Orcish contact in Corin's Pass the party set out on the road to the Dwarven vaults. Before exiting the boundaries of Irewood hold, the party had a brief encounter with an Irewood patrol at a roadblock.

A few hours north of the city of Ebonshire, the party encountered a Tiefling Sorcerer named Gautama (Tinker Tom) who fleeced the party into telling him where they were headed and why. Gautama suggested the party meet with a Tengu in Corin's Pass who might be able to assist them with their robbery.

Arriving at the gates of Ebonshire the party decided to murder the gatekeeper and son of the Captain of the Guard rather than draw any undue attention to themselves (?) and dumped his body into a ravine (?!?!?) before circumventing the city entirely (!?!?!?!?!!?).

Finally arriving in Corin's pass the party learned that most of the administrative offices for the Dwarven vaults were actually in town rather than up in the hills. Locating the office of the largest vault in town the party entered and attempted to swindle Bori, one of the vault's managers into thinking they were traveling dignitaries attempting to store an item of value in the vault. However, the party refused to answer any of Bori's questions relating to their business raising his suspicion before ultimately getting kicked out of the offices and having their faces committed to memory.

Down, but not out, the party followed the lead Gautama had given them about a Tengu crime boss who might be able to assist them. Arriving in the slum district of Corin's pass the party ran into Lester the Tengu crime boss, Gautama, and Lester's bodyguards enjoying lunch at an outdoor restaurant. After a brief introduction the party was welcomed into Lester's safehouse and were promptly double crossed.

Gautama, after being told of the group's robbery plans at their initial meeting on the road, followed the party to Corin's Pass and witnessed their murder of the Ebonshire gatekeeper. Using his knowledge of the party's murder as leverage Lester requested that in addition to the artifact they planned to steal, they also steal for Lester a large sum of cash.


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