The Greasy Ocho


Dwarven Heist pt. I

Lester, the Tengu crime boss, was blackmailing Dr. Eggman, Crow Magnum, Homer Jeebus, and AH TOH-DE-MAN. Recognizing breaking into a Dwarven vault would be a difficult task, Lester introduced a few of his associates to the blackmailees. Rog a Half-Orc Alchemist, Vladmir Pupin a Dhampir Inquisitor, and Bil Gombo Rillo the halfling rogue to both assist and keep an eye on the rest of the heroes.

Crow Magnum and Dr. Eggman broke off from the party to purchase a few small bags of explosive blasting powder while the rest of the group agreed on their plan to dress ATDM as a noble and attempt to subterfuge their way into the Borivault.

Upon gaining entry, The Greasy Ocho cased the joint. Bil Gombo Rillo snuck his way around the property and discovered TGO weren't the only outside group inside the vault. BGR spotted several Zhentarim dressed in tight leather speaking quietly in a hallway near the vault rooms. The rest of the party was given a tour of the vaulted areas by a Dwarven salesperson pretending to be potential customers. They were not joined by Gautama, Lester's main crony and assistant.

TGO secured a few moments unattended in the vault area and were able to secure the artifact, a mysterious rod of healing, using a few arcane tricks and some good old-fashioned lockpicking. However, in stealing the artifact from the Dwarven vaults they drew the attention of the Salesdwarf who began rushing hurriedly down the hall to check up on the "customers." When he arrived he found the party acting suspiciously and was seized by Vladmir Pupin.


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