The Greasy Ocho


Crypt of the Everflame pt. II

The last thing Homer Jeebus and Crow Magnum remember is the huge fight breaking out in the Hall of Elders in Dwarven Heist pt. II. We join them lost in the Fangwood forest, having been teleported, albeit to a different location than The Greasy Ocho.

After 2 days of travel through the thickened woods Homer and Crow arrive a large serpentine gorge that blocks their path through the forest. Deciding to go through, not around the gorge our heroes descend into the trecharous fissure. Though a perilous climb, Crow Magnum is able to get to the bottom relatively unscathed but Homer Jeebus has a tougher time, sustaining a few points of damage and a sprained ankle on the way to the bottom. At the bottom of the gorge, the pair approaches a set of figures huddled closely around a campfire cautiously, but with an unexplained feeling of ease. 

Huddled around a campfire, AH TOH-DE-MAN, Rog, and Dr. Eggman wait for their partner Vladmir Pupin to return from an unexplained venture through the forest. They notice a pair of figures approaching from the gorge. To their surprise the pair is Crow Magnum and Homer Jeebus who have reunited with the Greasy Ocho after the party was split up by the mysterious purple smoke. After a few hours sleep, they notice that Vladmir Pupin has not returned from his visit to the forest. Reluctantly, The Greasy Ocho presses onward into the crypt that lie before them.

An archway of stone is set into the side of a small hill at the bottom of the valley. Moss has overgrown many of the details, but one is still quite clear. The keystone of the arch is carved with a flame symbol with a stylized rune in the middle. Beyond the archway is a darkened tunnel that leads to a pair of massive wooden doors, one of which is slightly ajar.

As the heavy doors swing open, the faint light from outside reveals a long chamber with risen platforms on either side. A faded painting of Kassen is on the far wall. The room appears to be the site of a gruesome battle, with two bodies piled in the center and a number of skeletons scattered around. An echoing wail can be heard somewhere in the distance, beyond this foul chamber. Suddenly, the skeletons spring to life and attack the party.

Fighting off the skeletal menace the tide started to turn, and the party became routed by the skeleton warriors. As if waiting for the proper moment to pounce, Vladmir Pupin came flying into battle on a rope swing, promptly falling flat on his face in the crypt's doorway. With a newfound resolve, and the rallying presence of Vladmir, The Greasy Ocho struck down the skeletal scourge. When the dust from the battle settled TGO discovered the bodies of two mutilated commoners freshly slain in the main hall.

Venturing further into the ruins, the party discovered a room featuring a large pool of clear water, fed by a fountain on the wall above it. A voice boomed out from the darkness, saying, “Magic is the key.” The voice slowly faded, leaving a dreadful silence. Noticing hundreds of keys lining the bottom of the pool, Dr. Eggman used his knowledge of the arcane to determine that a magic signature was emanating from a singular key that he dove into the water to retrieve.

The party found a maze-like room with large obscuring pillars, and a dense mist hanging in the air filled with pits in the floor covered in false stone. Rog and AH TOH-DE-MAN learned the hard way after a few trials that the room contained three levers in the floor, and that the pit traps were strangely cushioned with pillows at the bottom. Further in the dungeon, the party fought a giant bombadier beetle, feasting on the carcass of a murdered villager.

Investigating a ghoulish wail coming from deeper in the dungeon, the party broke down the door of a small chamber revealing Roldare, a mad commoner who had barricaded himself within. He told the party he was in the crypt to prepare it with false traps when something had gone horribly, horribly wrong. Referencing "the one that speaks" and "walking bones" he pled with the party to rescue his sister who had been dragged off by the horrors of the crypt. Accepting this mission, and literally dragging Roldare along the party broke down another door to travel further into the dungeon.

Cleverly passing a guardian statue trap, the party encountered a large elaborately decorated room that was split into two levels, connected by a set of two stone staircases. Down the staircases on a stone dais stood a large wooden statue of Kassen holding two giant shields. As AH TOH-DE-MAN approached the statue on the lower level of the room, the statue sprung to life attacking the toadman. 

The statue stepped off the dais, trigging a reverse pressure plate that rotated the steps 45 degrees turning the staircases into slick ramps. Dr. Eggman tumbled down the ramps and joined AH TOH-DE-MAN in the fight against the behemoth. Homer, and Vlad gave cover fire from the above platform with their crossbow bolts and arrows while Crow Magnum and Rog slid down the ramps to the lower level to join the close-quarters fight. Before they could join in on the good old fashioned beatdown, AH TOH-DE-MAN was struck unconscious by the wooden golem's shield bash.



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