The Greasy Ocho


Crypt of the Everflame pt. III

We join The Greasy Ocho deep within the Crypt of the Everflame in battle with a massive wooden Golem of Ekat Kassen. AH TOH-DE-MAN having been struck down by the behemoth's massive wooden shield was rapidly losing consciousness as the rest of the party fought tooth and nail to topple the huge wooden fiend. Crow Magnum, flying into a barbarian rage, severed one of the statue's massive arms while Dr. Eggman and Rog gave support. Shit almost hit the fan as Dr. Eggman was struck down and nearly avoided death, while Rog and Crow made a last ditch effort to topple the statue.

Crow Magnum tore the statue asunder as he delivered the killing blow with his greatsword, while Rog attended to the wounds of his fallen comrades. Deciding to stop for the night in the shield guardian's chamber to rest, the party awoke 8 hours later feeling fatigued and sore. Their efforts were not in vain, as the key Dr. Eggman had retrieved in the pool of keys fit a lock in this chamber that opened into a supply vault containing valuable items and resources that were strangely tailored to the class choices of the party.

Returning to the key room, the party tried to knock down the second locked door in the chamber several times before Crow Magnum felled it with a single brutish kick. Down the corridor, the party encountered a series of murals depicting a battle between Kassen and some kind of opposing force. Dr. Eggman noted that on the murals Kassen and another prominent figure were shown fighting, depicted with very prominent amulets hanging around their neck.

Finally the party encountered a door that led to a huge circular chamber with a giant column in the center that had blunt arrows brandished from portholes carved into the side, before venturing further into the chamber, Rog ran back to the shield guardian and grabbed one of his massive hulking tower shields and dragged it back to the party.

Crow Magnum, seeing what Rog was doing grabbed the shield and held it in the doorway as the large column in the center began to rotate and fire arrows around the room. Several minutes passed before the arrows stopped firing and the column slowed to a grinding halt. Victory!

Descending a staircase in the column room, Crow Magnum snuck ahead down the corridor to find a vestibule, noticing something moving behind the pillars in the room. Crow let out a loud CAW to alert his teammates as he was ambushed by four bloody human skeletons. The rest of the party ran to Crow's aid and they quickly dispatched the skeletal menace.

Venturing into the lower level of the crypt the party heard a mysterious dripping sound coming from the eastern passage. Following the noise, in a large interment room the party was ambushed by four large hungry frogs. A quick but tense battle followed, but the party emerged victorious. Searching the room, the party found a devoured human body in the frog's nest with a pouch of gold coins identical to the ones they found on the mutilated bandit's body on the shores of the Gray Lake. 

Deeper in the dungeon, the party found a small room with a healing fountain that cured their wounds and refreshed their bodies. Venturing into the southern portion of the dungeon the party found long abandoned catacombs that reeked of rot and death. When they entered the catacombs the party were ambushed by human zombies infected with zombie rot. A tense battle ensued where Dr. Eggman, Rog, and Crow Magnum contracted some kind of sickness from the zombies. One of the creatures struck Rog down, with the Half-Orc narrowly escaping death by the sheer power of his fortitude. After the Zombies were struck down and the chaos of battle was over the party took steps to heal and attempt to stave off the creeping disease.


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