The Greasy Ocho


Masks of the Living God pt. I

Several days have passed since the events at the Crypt of the Everflame and life in the town of Kassen is beginning to return to normal while the party waits in the Seven Silvers Inn and Tavern waiting for word from their Pathfinder contact Cygar Anravis. Eventually Cygar requests that the party meet them in the early afternoon at the river docks ready for travel.

At the docks Cygar informs The Greasy Ocho of his organization's intent to track down the grave robbers who stirred the spirits of Kassen and Asar at the Crypt. Cygar believes that the tomb robbers are affiliated with a new religious organization gaining influence in the Lake Encarthan region. Calling them "The Faith of Razmir" and describing their basic tenets Cygar requests that the party get in contact with a Pathfinder agent named Reginar who is waiting in their destination: the city of Tamren.

Cygar inroduces the party to Captain Walren and Ewem, the crew of a river barge called The Black Mist. The Greasy Ocho's travel to the Nirmathan capital Tamren on The Black Mist has been comp'd by the Pathfinder Society and after settling in on the barge, The Greasy Ocho sets out for Tamren.

Their travel along the Torundel River into Lake Encarthan began quietly. Captain Walren warned the party of creatures that live in the lake and Molthuni pirates that attack Nirmathan ships that sail undefended on the large. A steady rain plagues the entirety of the journey, and after 2 days of sailing on Lake Encarthan the silence is broken by a hostile swarm of small red crabs. The party quickly dispatched the swarm, but on the next night water ghouls emerged from the ship's hold and tried to kill The Greasy Ocho.

After a quick battle with the ghouls, the party examined the cargo hold and discovered that the source of the ghouls seemed to be from a few crates among the cargo that seemed to be busted open from the inside. Vladmir Pupin examined the rest of the crates, noting a distinct magical signature emanating from the remaining unexploded crate. Peeking inside, Vladmir discovered a wondrous figurine in the shape of an owlbear, the kind of figurine that are typically used to quickly summon familiars on the battlefield.

Arriving in Tamren in the middle of the night after a few more days of travel, Captain Walren suggested a local tavern on the waterfront friendly to travelers called The Gar's Last Meal. Deciding they weren't about that scene, the party searched out another local tavern happening upon a popular tavern in the center of town called the Ranger's Lament. The tavern is reportedly associated with the faith of Razmir and the vibes of the place left much to be desired for the weary travelers.

Leaving the Ranger's Lament in search of a NORMAL tavern where they could sleep, the party arrived at a local spot called The Forest's Bounty where they happened upon Reginar, Cygar's Pathfinder agent who was waiting for their arrival. Reginar explained that he was familiar with the party's success in Kassen and was keen to employ them to recover more information about the Faith of Razmir. He explains that the adherents arrived in Tamren about a year ago and began to quickly consolidate influence in the city. The cult makes a big public spectacle out of helping the poor and needy, but Reginar has personally seen the members of the cult beat a man near to death while the city guards stood by doing nothing. He wants the Greasy Ocho to get inside their compound and find empirical proof of their wrongdoing, because without this proof the leader of the city Forest Marshal Gavrik is content to take a laissez faire approach to their operations. 

The Greasy Ocho's next step was to obtain membership to the faith of Razmir, and they chose to attend one of their public sermons outside their temple in the center of town the next day. While a hooded figure in a black robe and iron mask addressed the crowd with a sermon from a raised platform, members of the faith in white robes moved about the crowd collecting donations. As these figures passed The Greasy Ocho AH TOH-DE-MAN felt his pocket get picked by one of the acolytes. Calling out the cultist, the situation almost came to blows as the city guard approached to deescalate the situation. After being pressed by The Greasy Ocho the guard, rapidly getting flustered by the increasingly tense situation and fearing violence in the densely packed city square, ordered the cultist to return his stolen coin.

While all of this was going on the figure in black descended from the stage, closely watching the party. After the situation deescalated, he approached the party and greeted them. He introduced himself as Egarthis and explained that he was interested in the party's apparent skill set and invited them to join him in The Ranger's Lament. During small talk with the figure, Bil Gomba Rillo sneakily cast a charm person spell on the robed figure which appeared to improve the figure's attitude towards the party. He went on to explain that the cult had certain goals they needed accomplished of a certain unscrupulous nature, and if the party were interested in making a bit of wealth they need only join his organization and participate in a few brief rituals before getting paid.

Delighted of the party's agreement to join his organization Egarthis instructed the wait staff to serve food and drink to the party. After eating and some brief conversation Crow Magnum's head suddenly slammed on the table in front of him. While he lost consciousness, the rest of the party began to slip away as well. They awoke in cells, stripped of their gear and dressed in white robes. Figures carrying water came into the room and served them water then after an undeterminable period of time Egarthis returned to the party, apologized for the way they were brought into the compound, and led them to a large processional hall where they were presented with iron masks, no doubt an induction ceremony into the Faith of Razmir.


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