The Greasy Ocho


Dwarven Heist pt. II

Finding himself at the point of a sword surrounded by The Greasy Ocho, the salesdwarf revealed to the party the location of a secret exit located in the Master Dwarf's bedroom. However, before they could slink away into the night they party heard the sound of alarms ringing through the hallways of the Borivault.

Confronted by a small battalion of Dwarves the presence of the party was requested in the Hall of Elders, the throne room of the Dwarven enclave. When they arrived TGO were met with the sight of the Master Dwarf Bronzebeard Bori, many soldiers, and the Zhentarim Bil had spotted earlier in the vault. The Master Dwarf had explained that a valuable artifact was stolen from the Dwarves, but in a twist of luck the artifact the Dwarves were searching for was not the one the party had ripped off from the vaults.

Instead, Bronzebeard explained that a magically imbued deck of cards he had found in his travels had gone missing from the enclave's archives. The party professed their innocence as did the Zhentarim but the Dwarven leadership explained, after giving the guests full patdowns, that none shall be allowed to leave while the deck remained unaccounted for. While the Dwarves searched the grounds they invited the guests to rest and relax in the tavern.

Heading to the tavern, the party shared a disagreement with the unpleasant Zhentarim, nearly engaging in a bar fight with them. The fight was deescalated and the party decided to go out into the vault and help assist in the search for the cards so they could leave the Borivault.

The party encountered Gautama alone in one of the side hallways, looking smug, and rifling a deck of cards in his hands. Accusing Gautama of theft and risking blowing the whole operation the party killed Gautama where he stood and grabbed the deck of cards to bring to Bronzebeard.

Barging into the Hall of Elders the party declared that they had the deck of cards, and that they had apprehended them from Gautama. Shocked, Bronzebeard accosted the party blaming them for the actions of Gautama. Using the deck the adventurer's had turned into him as a punishment for their theft, the party sustained several crippling blows and buffs from the deck's magic a large fight between the Zhentarim, The Greasy Ocho, and the Dwarves erupted in the throne room.

At a clear disadvantage, the party was surely approaching death. Crow Magnum had fallen unconscious and ATDM was locked in a spectral cage.


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