The Greasy Ocho


Crypt of the Everflame pt. IV

After the fight with the zombies deep in the Crypt of the Everflame, the party reunited with Bil Gomba Rillo who woke up deep in the crypt after being transported by the purple smoke in the Bortvault. The party encountered a strange reflecting pool, in which they saw their reflections comitting acts of murder against other members of the party.

The party tried to cleave through a closed portcullis, but the sound from their weapons striking the gate alerted a few nearby swarms of bats. After battling the bats, Homer Jeebus and Crow Magnum bent the bars of the portcullis so the party could slip through. In the next room, there was a large fissure in the ceiling filled with hundreds of sleeping bats. Carefully tiptoeing past the sleeping bats, the party next came to a room with statues set to knock the party into pits if they triggered a pressure plate. Fortunately, Bil Gomba Rillo was able to dismantle the trap so the party could pass across the narrow bridge without harm.

In the last room of the crypt, the party was confronted by a skeletal champion, Asar, who had risen from the dead thanks to a burst of necromantic energy due to tomb robbers defiling his and Ekat Kassen's grave. After defeating Asar, the party looted the room and tended to the wounds of Dimira, Roldare's sister who had been taken by the skeleton for questioning about the previous 200 years.

After an uneventful journey back to the town of Kassen, the party hassled the mayor for free drinks, room, and board. Later, in the Seven Silvers Inn and Tavern, the party was approached by the mysterious Cygar Anravis who introduced himself as a representative of the Pathfinder Society who had some work for the party if they were interested. The party, eager to fill their pockets with gold and loot obliged Cygar, as he disappeared into the night telling them he'd be in touch.


I object to calling it hassling when we saved his town.

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